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Karen Burton

Helpful study reinforcement for those preparing for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Exams.

1Stakeholder concept _____Statistical methods for identifying the degree of difference between planned and actual performance or outcomes
2Strategic management _____Average of data that adds factors to reflect the important of different values
3Strategic planning _____Raw average of data that gives equal weight to all values, with no regard for other factors
4Transformational leadership _____Process of setting goals and designing a path toward organizational success
5Trend analysis _____Leadership style that focuses on challenging and developing members of an organization to attain long-range results through continuous evolution, improvement, or change, based on the leader's vision and strategy
6Unweighted average _____System of actions that leaders take to drive an organization towards its goals and objectives
7Value chain _____Statistical method that examines data from different point in time to determine if a variance is an isolated event or if it is part of a longer trend
8Variance analysis _____The process by which an organization creates the product or service it offers to the customer
9Weighted average _____Concept that proposes that any organization operates within a complex environment in which it affects and is affected by a variety of forces or stakeholders who all share in the value of the organization and its activities

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