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Karen Burton

Helpful study references for those preparing for the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Exams

1Productivity-based pay _____Document that guides employees toward their goals for professional development and growth
2Realistic job preview (RJP) _____Provides each incumbent of a job with the same rate of pay, regardless of performance or seniority; also known as flat-rate pay
3Reasonable accommodation _____System in which pay is based on longevity in the job and pay increases occur on a pre-determined schedule
4Individual development plan (IDP) _____Tool used in the staffing/selection process to provide an applicant with honest, complete information about the job and work environment
5Remuneration surveys _____Method for assessment of an organization's strategic capabilities through use of the environmental scanning process, by which internal and external factors affecting achievement of organizational goals are identified and considered
6Selection interviews _____Analyzing candidates' application forms, curriculum vitae, and resumes to locate the most-qualified candidates for an open job
7Selection screening _____Pay based on the quantity of work and outputs that can be accurately measured
8Single-rate pay _____Interviews designed to probe areas of interest to the interviewer in order to determine how well a job candidate meets the needs of the organization
9Situation judgment tests (SJTs) _____Modifications or adjustments to a job or job application process that accommodate persons with disabilities but do not impose a disproportionate or undue burden on the employer
10Social media _____Assessment tools that present prospective leaders with sample situations and problems they might encounter in a work environment
11Stay interviews _____Instruments that collect information on prevailing market compensation and benefits practices (including starting wage rates, base pay, pay ranges, statutory and market cash payments, variable compensation, and paid time off)
12Strategic fit _____Structures conversations with employees for the purpose of determining which aspects of a job (e.g., satisfaction, engagement, culture, organization, leadership, etc.) encourage employee retention, or may be improved to do so
13SWOT analysis _____Internet technology platforms and communities that people and organizations use to communicate and share information, opinions, and resources
14Time-based step-rate pay _____A state in which an organization's strategy is consistent with its external opportunities and circumstances and its internal structure, resources, and capabilities

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