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Honors Psych Psychologists


Gardner Study of Stress// Rhesus monkeys
Freud Classical conditioning//Behavioral Psych//Dogs and bells training
Pavlov  multiple intelligences//Students who learn and perform in different ways
Maslow Father of Non-Direct//helps abused kids with pasts//work around patients needs
Erikson Cognitive Psych//Eyewitness Memory
Skinner Father of American Psychology
Loftus Behavioral Psych//Little Albert Experiment - White Rat
Watson Social Psych//Operant Conditioning (rewards and punishments) behavior forcing in the environment
Ainsworth Milgrum Experiment (Shock people in other room)
Harlow if you get hurt a lot you will think it’s inevitable//Positive Psych//Researched Positive psychology and learned helplessness
Rogers Strange Situation Experiment//Childhood Attachment Styles//Attachment in children
James Hierarchy of Needs//Humanistic Psych
Piaget Stanford Prison Experiment//Social Psych
Zimbardo Stages in life//Must solve a crisis at each stage
Milford Father of Psychoanalysis//Dreams//The ego the negotiator part of your mind//Unconscious
Seligman importance of Education in Children

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