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Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) The main role of this agency is to provide fire-fighting, rescue and emergency medical services; mitigating hazardous materials incidents, as well as formulate, implement and enforce regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters.
Home Team Academy (HTA) This agency plays an important role in the Singapore correctional system by creating a safe and secure Singapore through the provision of rehabilitation and aftercare services to inmates and ex-offenders. They seek to enhance the employability of offenders and prepare them for their eventual reintegration into the national workforce by focusing on four main building blocks of training, work, employment assistance and community engagement
Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) The core function of this agency is to protect the people who live in Singapore from crime and all manner of criminal harm. Crime in their context includes terrorism and public disorder.
Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) This agency’s responsibilities encompass the safe custody, rehabilitation and aftercare of offenders, and preventive education. They are dedicated to the cause of providing secure custody, steering offenders to become law-abiding citizens and assisting offenders in reintegration upon their release.
Internal Security Department (ISD) This agency is responsible for the security of Singapore's borders against the entry of undesirable persons and cargo through our land, air and sea checkpoints. Aside from border security, ICA also performs immigration and registration functions such as the issuing of travel documents and identity cards to Singapore citizens. ICA also issues various immigration passes and permits to foreigners. As a security agency, ICA also conducts operations against immigration offenders.
Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) The core function of this agency is to be the leading law enforcement agency in the fight against drugs and to make Singapore drug-free. It conducts vigorous enforcement against drug offenders, actively co-operate with local and foreign agencies in drug-related matters and promotes a drug-free lifestyle through preventive education and active engagement of the community.
Singapore Police Force (SPF) The core function of this agency is to keep Singapore safe and sovereignty for all Singaporeans. To do so, it collects accurate intelligence, make impartial assessments and take timely action to counter security threats to Singapore’s internal stability and sovereignty
Singapore Corporation for Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) Its core function is to ensure the management and operation of a casino is and remains free from criminal influence or exploitation. It also ensures that gaming in a casino is conducted honestly. They also contain and control the potential of a casino to cause harm to minors, vulnerable persons and society at large.
Singapore Prison Service (SPS) It provides leadership training and guidance for its instructors and instructional development for areas such as Homefront Security, Joint Operations and Crisis Leadership. It facilitates cross sharing of expertise and knowledge amongst department.

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