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Cellular Pathophysiology Mod. 1

Dysplasia  Disorganised cells which vary in shape and size
Hyperplasia  Pain
Can cause cell injury Vascular response to injury
A type of necrosis  An increase in cell number
Inflammation Immunosuppressants
Exudate A decrease in cell size
Glucocorticoids  Fluid that accumulates in tissue
Vasodilation  Increases platelet aggregation
The 3rd stage of wound healing  The cause of a disease
Thromboxane One mature cell type replaced by another mature cell type
Atrophy  Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug
Metaplasia The early stages in the development of a disease
Pathogenesis  An increase in cell size
Hypertrophy  Epithelialisation
Aetiology Chemicals/drugs
NSAID Coagulative

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