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A. Shakti 6. Being devoted to helping others reach enlightenment
B. Yamas  9. sitting meditation
c. Anatta 5. I Bow to You
d. Swastika 13. Age of Destruction
e. Namaste 7. non harming/ non violent
f. Bodhisatta 2. restraints
g. Ahimsa 21. state of bliss
h. Mahayana 12. enlightened teacher
i. Zazen 19. the non self
j. The Middle Way 18. Pure existence, pure consciousness, pure bliss
k. Dukkha 20. Guardian of space and time, remover of obstacles
l. Satguru 1. Energy & power of the mother goddess
m. Kali Yuga 4. eternal nature of Brahman
n. Avidya 16. emptiness
o. jeevan mukti 15. Liberation in Life
p. Sunyatta 11. existence is marked by suffering
q. Purusha 14. not seeing things for how they are
r. Satchitananda 17. cosmic self
s. Prakriti 3. Doctrine- there is no permanent soul
t. Ganesha 10. path between 2 extremes
u. Satori 8. Greater Vehicle

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