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Match the Structure to its Function


Match the solar house's feature to its purpose! Watch the video presentation to learn the structures and their functions before challenging yourself with this fun game!

Solar Panel Distribute natural light throughout the house
Light Shelves provide fresh air with heating and cooling changed all by hot or cold water
White Roof/Ceilings Use natural light to warm the house
Many Windows Cinder blocks filled with grout provide good insulation, white walls bounce light around the house
Roof Overhang Heat water with the sun's light
Greenhouse Stop the summer sun from heating house and keep it cool
Solar Water Heater Keep the house cool
Censored Lights grow your own plants
VAV System to be used at night or when there is little sunlight, monitor how bright they need to be
Double Pane Windows Provide insulation in between windows
White Cinder Block Walls Collect light from the sun and turn it into energy

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