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Karen Burton

Helpful for those preparing for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Exams

1Force-field analysis _____Orderly way to resolve differences of opinion
2Front-back structure _____Organizational structure that mixes elements of the functional, product, and geographic structures
3Functional HR _____Organizational structure that divides an organization into "front" functions, which focus on customers or market groups, and "back" functions, which design and develop products and services
4Functional structure _____HR structural alternative in which headquarters HR specialists craft policies and HR generalists located within divisions or other locales implement the policies, adapt them as needed, and interact with employees
5Geographic structure _____Organizational structure in which geographic regions define the organizational chart
6Grievance procedure _____Self-employed individuals hired on a contract basis for specialized services
7HR audit _____Situation in which an organization shares responsibility and liability for their alternative workers with an alternative staffing supplier; also known as co-employment
8Human resource information system (HRIS) _____Use of technology to collect, process and condense information, for the purpose of managing the information efficiently as an organizational resource
9Hybrid structure _____Information technology framework and tools for gathering, storing, maintaining, retrieving, revising, and reporting relevant HR data
10Independent contractors _____Various forms of collective employee actions taken to protest work conditions or employer action
11Industrial actions _____Ownership of innovation by an individual or business enterprise; includes patented, trademarked, or copyrighted property
12Information management (IM) _____Systematic and comprehensive evaluation of an organization's HR policies, practices, procedures, and strategies
13Intellectual property (IP) _____Organizational structure in which departments are defined by the services they contribute to the organization's overall mission, such as marketing and sales, operations, and HR
14Joint employement _____Type of analysis in which factors that can influence an outcome in either a negative or positive manner are listed and then assigned weights to indicate their relative strengths

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