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Karen Burton

Helpful for those preparing for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Exams

1Wildcat strike _____Strategic process by which an organization analyzes its current workforce and determines the steps required to prepare for its future needs
2Workforce analysis _____Groups that represent employees, generally on a local or organizational level, for the primary purpose of receiving from employers and conveying to employees information about the workforce and the health of the enterprise
3Workforce management _____Work stoppages at union contract operations that have not been sanctioned by the union
4Workforce planning _____Situation in which workers slow processes by performing tasks exactly to specifications or according to job or tasks descriptions
5Works councils _____Systematic approach to anticipate human capital needs and data HR professionals an use to ensure that appropraite knowledge, skills, or abilities will be available when needed to accomplish organizational goals and objectives
6Work-to-rule _____All activities needed to ensure that the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics of the workforce meet current and future organizational and individual needs

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