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Karen Burton

Helpful for those preparing for SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP Certification Exams

1Portal-to-Portal Act _____Extent to which underlying operations such as IT, finance, or HR integrate across locations
2Pregnancy Discrimination Act _____U.S. act that defines what is included as hours worked and is therefore compensable and a factor n calculating overtime
3Principal-agency problem _____Type of sexual harassment that occurs when an employee is forced to choose between giving into a superior's sexual demands and forfeiting an economic benefit such as a pay increase, a promotion, or continued employment
4Process alignment _____People who are covered under a particular federal or state antidiscrimination law
5Protected class _____Time allowed for the public to express its views and concerns regarding an action of an administrative agency
6Prudent person rule _____U.S. act that prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions
7Public comment period _____States that a fiduciary of a plan covered by the U.S. Employee Retirement Income Security Act has legal and financial obligations not to take more risks when investing employee benefit program funds than a reasonably knowledgeable, prudent investor would under similar circumstances
8Quid pro quo harassment _____Innovations created for or by emerging-economy markets and then imported to developed-economy markets
9Residual risk _____An organization's desired gain or acceptable loss in value
10Reverse innovation _____An action taken to manage a risk
11Risk appetite _____Situation in which an agent (e.g., an employee) makes decisions for a principal (e.g., an employer) potentially on the basis of personal incentives that may not be aligned with the principal's incentives
12Risk control _____Amount of uncertainty that remains after all risk management efforts have been exhausted
13Risk position _____Amount of uncertainty an organization is willing to pursue or to accept to attain its risk management goals

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