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Avengers Ship Names

Darth Kyrie

Match each ship name to the correct pairing...or OT3.

Good luck.

1Iron Agent _____Bucky/Tony
2Black Pepper _____Loki/Steve (also Frost Cap and Frostshield)
3Dr. Pepper _____Pepper/Steve
4Starkbucks _____Steve/Tony
5Froz3npizza _____Natasha/Steve
6All Caps _____Bruce/Steve
7Jane/Thor _____Loki/Phil
8Coulwhip _____Bruce/Phil
9Office Thunder _____Phil/Tony
10Thunderfrost _____Loki/Phil
11The Cold War _____Bruce/Clint
12Iron Hawk _____Loki/Thor (also Thorki)
13American Pi _____Phil/Natasha
14Capslock _____Clint/Tony
15Super Smash Brothers _____Steve/Thor
16Iced Coffee _____Pepper/Natasha
17Ironthunder _____Phil/Thor
18Free Bird _____Clint/Phil/Natasha
19RhFe _____Steve/Tony (also Stark and Stripes)
20Thunderbird _____Loki/Tony
21Green-Eyed Widow _____Bucky/Steve
22Birds of a Feather _____Bruce/Tony
23Thundershield _____canon, but they have no name
24Starkers _____Bruce/Tony
25Rage Against the Machine _____Clint/Natasha (also Clintasha)
26Tony NO _____Rhodey/Tony
27Barnes & Noble _____Phil/Steve
28Capsaicin _____Loki/Natasha (also Black Magic)
29Captain Hammer _____Thor/Tony (also Thorny)
30Freezer Burn _____Bruce/Steve/Tony
31Agent Hulk _____Bruce/Pepper
32Lokane _____Bruce/Clint/Phil (also Agent Hulkeye)
33Spangled Banner _____Loki/Pepper/Tony
34Super Husbands _____Bruce/Clint/Natasha
35Capsicoul _____Clint/Sam (also Lovebirds)
36Black Hawk _____Bucky/Sam/Steve
37Black Tie _____Clint/Steve
38Captain Hawk _____canon, but they have no name
39Thunder Science _____Bruce/Thor
40Starbucks _____Jane/Loki
41Dr. Pepperony _____Phil/Natasha
42Snowbird _____Bruce/Loki/Thor
43Frosted Doughnut _____Pepper/Rhodey/Tony
44Strike Team Delta _____Natasha/Tony
45Iron Widow _____Bucky/Steve
46Science Boyfriends _____Clint/Thor
47Stark Spangled Banner _____Clint/Loki
48Black Thunder _____Natasha/Thor
49Gamma Frost _____Bruce/Steve
50Black Hulk _____Steve/Thor
51American Airlines _____Bucky/Steve
52Sgt. Starkers _____Sam/Steve
53Angry Birds _____Clint/Phil
54Smashing Bowtie _____Pepper/Tony (canon)
55Stark Spangled Day Planner _____Bucky/Steve/Tony
56Bowtie _____Pepper/Steve/Tony (also Pepperstony)
57Black Frost _____Bruce/Loki
58Clint/Laura _____Sam/Steve
59Frost Iron _____Bruce/Pepper/Tony
60Pepperony _____Bruce/Natasha (canon)

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