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Tier 2 Vocab Words

Miss Mills

Elementary School Tier 2 Vocabulary - Synonyms, Definitions

1Adorable _____Synonym: Soft (2) loving, caring (3) sore
2Crept: _____Synonym: conceited, big-headed (2) useless
3Criticize _____Synonym: daze, dream, hypnotic state
4Compassion _____Synonym: casual, relaxed, calmly
5Trance _____Synonym: minimize, undervalue, think little of
6Underestimate _____Synonym: Disapprove, judge as bad (2) analyze
7Rehearse _____Synonym: path, road (2) send, guide, steer
8Disability _____Synonym: prepare, practice, review
9Nominate _____Synonym: Decline, disagree, forgo
10Memory _____Synonym: to make up, wing it
11Flawless _____Synonym: crawled, lurked
12Cunning _____Synonym: disadvantage, weakness, injury
13Recreation _____Synonym: select, appoint, choose, elect
14Assortment _____Synonym: cute, loveable
15Tender _____Synonym: downfall, to fall apart, break, drop
16Route _____Synonym: Play, sport
17Leisurely _____Synonym: recollection (2) image, thought
18Distraught _____Synonym: respected work of art, showpiece
19Collapse _____Synonym: upset, anxious, flustered
20Location _____Synonym: appreciation, thanks
21Ramble _____Synonym: (n) dare, test (v) dispute, question
22Gratitude _____Synonym: perfect, spotless
23Embraced _____Synonym: Variety, selection, combination
24Deny _____Synonym: chatter, babble
25Masterpiece _____Synonym: devious, clever, sly
26Challenge _____Synonym: Place, area, spot
27Immense _____Synonym: beautiful, grand
28Glorious _____Synonym: empathy, mercy, kindness
29Vain _____Synonym: huge, colossal, enormous
30Improvise _____Synonym: held tightly, cuddled (2) accepted

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