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Guitar Terms

Student Name: _________ _________ class block: ___

Write the number of each term by its description

1Octave _____zigzag rest that equals one beat
2Scale _____equals three beats
3Interval _____a way to write numbers to show note fingerings
4Time signature _____usually equals four beats
5Measures _____looks like a top hat and is worth 2 beats
6Double bar line _____equal one whole note
7Repeat sign _____raises a pitch one half step (single fret) #
8B. P. M. _____sounds on the pitch of "D"
9Sharp _____clear note with a stem
10Fret over string _____a square shape that rests below a place on the staff
11half note _____distance (in pitch) between two notes
12whole note _____two lines and two dots
13eighth note _____found at the end of the music ("fine")
14half rest _____connected with a line, they usually equal a single beat
15quarter rest _____divide beats equally on a music staff (seperated by bar lines)
16two eighth notes _____a set of eight pitches that move up or down stepwise
17whole rest _____Indicates how many beats are grouped per measure
18two half notes _____by itself has a flag on the stem
19dotted half note _____shows speed (tempo) of music per minute
20fourth guitar string _____First and last note of a scale

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