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The 27 Amendments


A puzzle to study the 27 amendments.

1st congressional salaries
2nd quartering of troops
3rd lame duck
4th income taxes
5th 18-year old vote
6th freedom of speech, religion, assembly, petition, press
7th powers reserved to the people
8th civil rights
9th  end of poll taxes
10th no excessive bail or cruel/unusual punishment
11th searches and seizures
12th prohibition of alcohol
13th rights of the accused
14th suits against states
15th african american suffrage (for males only)
16th right to bear arms
17th powers reserved to the states
18th election of president and vice president
19th fair and speedy trial
20th direct election of senators
21st DC voting
22nd women's suffrage
23rd presidential disability and succession
24th civil suits
25th term limits for the president
26th abolishes slavery
27th repeal of prohibition of alcohol

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