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Kingdoms Life

Meer Mahfuz

Hydra Definition  decompose dead animals so that the nutrients can be returned to the world.
Hydra Purpose is to keep the Crustaceans from over populating.
Hydra Reporduction to infect other organisms pathogenically
Hydra Offspring  they dont age and they dont die of age
Hydra Fun Fact asexullay by binary fission
Amoeba Definition they reproduce both ways
Amoeba Purpose  a genus of small organisms that thrive in the aquatic ecosystem.
Amoeba Reporduction a organism that can alter its shape.
Amoeba Offspring Offspring are identical to parent
Amoeba Fun Fact Some mushrooms are edible while most arent
Mushroom Definition  can be identical or variant
Mushroom Purpose when an amoeba is startled it immediately transforms into a star shape.
Mushroom Reporduction are identical to parent or a clone.
Mushroom Offspring by asexually budding.
Mushroom Fun Fact the fleshy, fruiting body of a fungus

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