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Streptomycin antibiotic kills bacteria
ACE inhibitors acts on NA for reduction in BP, treats angina
Dimercaprol sympathomimetic used as nasal decongestant
Antacids prevents production of angiotensin II
Hemicholinium causes serotonin to leak up and blocks reuptake, causes secondary rise in NA
AMPT nicotinic NMJ antagonist used to relax muscles
Reserpine prevents storage of NA
Guanethidine anti-cholinesterase that causes hypotension and difficulty breathing
Botulinum muscarinic agonist used to treat glaucoma
Amphetamine beta agonist used to increase heart rate and force
Cocaine agonist at NACh receptors causing excitation
Prozac prevents enzyme cascade for NA
Neostigmine inhibits reuptake of 5-HT
Salbutamol inhibits enzyme for termination of ACh transmission
Prazosin reverses arsenic poisoning
Propanolol Ca channel blocker used as anti-arrhythmic
Metoprolol block angiotensin receptors so block its effect
Benzodiazepine tranquilizers acts on NA for reduction in BP
Pancuronium used in asthma
Neostigmine muscarinic antagonist used to treat urinary incontinence
Suzamethonium 6h acting muscarinic antagonist used in COPD
Edrophonium 24h acting muscarinic antagonist used in COPD
Pilocarpine Muscarinic agonist that stimulates gut motility
Bethanechol muscarinic antagonist used to block muscous secretions
Atropine inhibits vesicle fusion of ACh
Ipratropium aldosterone antagonist used in heart failure
Trimetaphan depolarising muscle relaxant
Tubocurarine acts on NA for reduction in BP, treats angina
Organophosphates inhibits uptake of choline for ACh production
Ephedrine K channel openers to cause vasodilation
Phenylephrine acts on NA for asthma
Isoprenaline inhibit Ca channel opening, restricting NT release
Phenoxybenzamine used to measure GFR
Nicotine anti-muscarinics reduce spasms in bowel
THC thrombolytic drug
MDMA inhibits terminal depolarisation of NA
Spasmolytics Ca channel blocker used to treat angina
ARBs release NO to cause vasodilation
Minoxidil inhibits AChE, reverses effects of non depolarising muscle relaxants and treats myasthenia gravis
Organic nitrates used to measure renal plasma flow
Sildenafil thiazide-type diuretic
Oxybutynin used in treatment of leprosy and AIDS
Verapamil loop diuretic
Nifedipine general anaesthetic
Altephase irreversible competitive alpha antagonist
Ipratropium bromide binds to GABA receptor to enhance channel opening and calm CNS
Tiotropium bromide prevents erectile dysfunction by vasodilation
Glucocorticosterooids diagnoses myasthenia gravis
Halothane inhibits reuptake of NA
Furosemine alpha agonist used to cause vasoconstriction
Hydrochlorothiazide nicotinic ganglia antagonist to produce hypertension in surgery
Sprionolactone prevents absorption of phenytoin from gut
Thalidomide inhalation anti-asthmatic muscarinic antagonist
Inulin displaces NA
PAH non-depolarising muscle relaxant

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