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Files In this section, you will find Course Reports, the Performance Dashboard, and the Retention Center.
Course Tools This tool includes all available tools that can be added to a Course in Bb.
Evaluation This tool more than just a way to record students' grades. It is a dynamic and interactive tool, allowing instructors to record data, add calculated grade columns, and monitor student progress.
Grade Center This tool gives you access to all of your files and the ability to manage, organize, and view them as needed.
Users and Group In this section you can copy, import, export, and archive tools for your course. This is also where you can copy information from course to course.
Customization In this section, instructors are able to set up Groups for the course, as well as view a list of users in the course.
Packages and Utilities This tool allows you to view and change the properties for your course. There are a lot of things that you can control from this area, such as manage the tools that are available in your course, and delegate which users have access to them.
Help This section will connect you to the Blackboard Help links and video tutorials, as well as the OIT helpdesk contact information.

Use the "Printable HTML" button to get a clean page, in either HTML or PDF, that you can use your browser's print button to print. This page won't have buttons or ads, just your puzzle. The PDF format allows the web site to know how large a printer page is, and the fonts are scaled to fill the page. The PDF takes awhile to generate. Don't panic!

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