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L 9 and L 10 Vocabulary Matching

Mrs. Taylor

emulate to strive to be equal to; to imitate
sere noble; generous in forgiving; free from petty feelings or acts
enhance without sense or meaning; silly
contrite to rise and fall; to vary irregularly
magnanimous unkempt
enunciate not easily understood; hard to fathom
collaborate to explain in detail; to clarify
impound feeling regret for having committed some wrongdoing
impeccable to increase the value or beauty of something
evoke dry and withered
inane disguised; pretending not to be oneself
unctuous someone who chooses to live outside of, or renounce, his or her native country
expatriate having unlimited knowledge; all-knowing
frowzy exaggeratedly or insincerely polite
heinous hatefully or shockingly evil
expound reasonable; capable of being carried out
cajole to work with another toward a goal
inscrutable to persuade with false promises and flattery
balk lack of energy; sluggishness
acrimony to refuse stubbornly or abruptly; to stop short and refuse to go on
dour ill-natured, bitter hostility
exult the work one is especially suited for; one's specialty; an occupation
omniscient to annoy or harass
feasible to confine; to retain in legal custody
fiasco stern and ill-humored
metier to state clearly and distinctly; to pronounce
fluctuate to rejoice; to feel triumphant
harry a complete, ridiculous failure
incognito to summon forth
lethargy faultless; without sin or blemish

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