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Breakfast items and their descriptions.

Yogurt It can come built or everything on the side. It has a nice toasty taste from the soft bread, rich and herby from the cream cheese but is still very crisp from all the fresh ingredients in it.
Porridge It is nice and light but still has multiple textures and a pretty strong date taste.
Egg It's very buttery and crumbly. It is accompanied by a blood orange and tangerine jam.
Brioche Toast The filo pastry gives it a flaky texture that goes nicely with the ham and gooiness of the cheese. It's topped with some black sesame seeds.
Jerusalem Bagel Not overly sweet, crispy and moist. Has a little orange zest inside.
Breakfast Burrito Richest, most hearty dish on the breakfast menu. Chorizo and potato patty topped with an over medium egg, oaxaca cheese, avocado salsa and sour cream.
Two Eggs Soft, moist uses 60% dark chocolate and 30% milk chocolate.
Breakfast Sandwich Creamy, made from Straus Milk, and is quite tart, but has great flavor and crunch from the nut and seed dukkah. It is topped with some seasonal fruit. I would recommend adding some local honey or jam for a little more sweeter dish.
Baklava It has a broken omlete inside that is spiced up with the zhoug and the halloumi gives it the flavor of cheese but the feel of meats and potatoes. These are all pulled together with the grated tomato and yogurt.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Extremely flavorful dish made up of an 8 minute egg and grated tomato that finishes with the taste of oregano on your tongue.
Banana Bread Contrary to what you may think this is not an overly sweet dish. The date honey adds a mildly sweet, mildly sour, grainy texture. It comes together nicely with the smoky, velvety, toastiness of the tahini.
Berry Scone Served any still with guest's choice of hummus, tabbouleh, or potato hash.
Ham and Cheese Barraca This vegan dish is made from Sorghum and buckwheat that gives it an al dente texture but our house made almond milk gived it a milkiness that pulls together the hints of cinnamon and wheaty flavors.

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