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Kriti K Pre-Civil War Era 7

Kriti K

Matching Puzzle over information about the Pre- Civil War(Antebellum Era

How/when were slaves introduced into the South? Slaves introduced during colonial area as cheap labor
What did slaves help grow? John Brown, an extreme abolitionist that murdered pro-slavery people
What shaped pretty much every aspect of the Southern Society? The South wanted to protect the institution of slavery
What was the South's main reason to secede from the Union and start the Civil War? Slavery was a very important aspect of the Southern Society?
How did sectionalism release tension between the North and South which cause them to separate? Stowe wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that portrayed the reality of slavery in the South
What did the North rely on? Factories for Manufacturing
What did the South rely on? The North and South had different interests as 2 different "sections", thought their own interests were more important than the others, each side wanted the federal govt on their side, and they also had different economic interests
What did the Tariff of Abominations and the Nullification Crisis do to the country? Plantations and Farms
What was Bleeding Kansas? Very fertile, rich terrain used for agriculture, but slaves weren't allowed to be used for work
Who was a key figure in the Kansas-Nebraska Act? They were trying to outlaw slavery in the South (like they did in the North)
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act do to the Nebraska Territory? Rough terrain and extreme temperatures excluded farming, so instead they worked in factories and urbanized thier cities
How was slavery decided in the two new territories during he Kansas-Nebraska Act? Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth-both born slaves that had escaped slavery
What is abolitionism? It divided the territory into two more territories
What were the Northern states trying to do while using abolitionism? They help grew Cotton, Sugar, Rice, and Tobacco
Who wrote/what was "The Liberator"? The movement set to end slavery
Who were 2 well known abolitionist leaders? William Lloyd Garrison wrote this newspaper for abolitionists
Who was/what did Harriet Beecher Stow do? Slavery in each territory was decided by popular sovereignty, which is when pro/anti-slavery people rushed to vote for the deciding decision
What was the North's geography like? They increased sectionalism
What was the South's geography like? Moderate terrain and temperatures encouraged them to farm, use slaves for farm work, and have mostly rural cities
What was the Midwest's geography like? A violent confrontation between the pro/anti-slavery people in Kansas
What was the West's geography like? Warm climate, modern terrain, but little water to grow crops, instead large ranches were used to raise cattle and horses

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