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History STAAR Review pt.6 Jacksonian Era

Pranad Muttoju

A puzzle of what Andrew Jackson did during his presidency.

Who is Andrew Jackson? A crisis which people debated if a state can nullify a federal law
Election of 1824? He expanded suffrage, voted for Common Man(opposing rich and national bank), and created Democratic Party
Election of 1828? Oklahoma
Which elections did Jackson win? Worcester v. Georgia(1832)
What is suffrage? Jackson won popular vote, but lost electoral college which made Congress choose John Quincy Adams for president
What did Jackson do after 1828? Cotton Gin
The Nullification Crisis? Jackson easily defeated Adams with supporters from South and West
Tariff of Abominations? Increased production of cotton and slaves
Which state threaten to secede? to stop buying and selling alcohol
What is War on Bank? Horace Mann started the public school
Free Enterprise System Leader of the Transcendentalism
Industrial Revolution Election of 1828 and 1832
Which invention did Eli Whitney invent? set out to REFORM the way prison works and different treatment for ill
What did the Cotton Gin do? set out to end slavery
What act did Jackson sign to kick Indians off American land? Indian Removal Act
Where did the Indians had to go? The Second Great Awakening
Where were the Indians located before moving? South Carolina
What case happened where Indians had right to stay in Georgia? Jackson disliked moneyed interests and declared war on the bank
What happened in the Worcester v. Georgia? Georgia
What happened at Trial of Tears? Right for ALL men to vote
What started the Era of Reform? Jackson sent US troops to force Cherokee to leave their territory
What is the Abolitionist Movement? a belief that answers are within yourself and in nature
What was the Prison reform and treatment of mentally ill? Supreme Court ruled that Cherokee nation was a "distinct community" and only the federal government could deal with them
Temperance Movement? VP Calhoun went against the tariff and secretly published that tariff was unconstitutional
Education Reform? landscape painters of American beauty
Women's Rights Movement Individuals free to produce and sell what they want
What is Hudson River School? The 7th president of the U.S.
John James Audubon? Susan B. Anthony was the "mastermind" and issued Declaration of Sentiments
Transcendentalism is what? His Civil Disobedience
What is Henry David Thoreau known for? hand made machines, mass production factories, made unskilled workers as skilled as skilled workers
Who is Ralph Waldo Emerson? painter of the American birds

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