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Jacksonian era

By:Grayson Rosequist

review of the Jacksonian era

Jackson won which 2 elections? Individuals are free to sell and produce what they want, prices set by supply and demand.
What did Jackson praise? Movement to end slavery
What was the nullification crisis? If a state has the power to nullify a federal law within its own borders
What system did our economy follow? Free enterprise
What was free enterprise? Philosophy based on the principles of reality
What was the industrial revolution? Hand made to machine made, mass production in factories, steam powered machines are made.
What was the indian removal act? The women's rights movement.
What happened in Worcester vs Georgia? Stop the consumption of alcohol
What did Jackson put the indians on to move them? Trail of Tears
What religous movement happened in this era? The common man
What was the abolitionist movement? Only federal government could deal with indians
What was the temperance movement? Jackson made the indians move west so whites could move in.
What was the education reform? Spread of education
What movement helped womens rights? 1828 and 1832
What is transcendentalism? Second Great Awakening

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