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Pre-Civil War Era: 1836-1860 (US History)


Information on the Era right before the Civil War in America

Why were slaves forced to work in the south?  She wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin that revealed the horrors of slavery to the public
What did the slaves grow?  An abolitionist newspaper by William Lloyd Garrison
What was the leading reason that the South wanted to secede? Nebraska divided into two territories, slavery decided on popular sovereignty
Abolitionism They were used as a cheap form of labor
What were the North's opinions on slavery?  Pro-slavery and Anti-Slavery groups disputed over the topic of slavery in Kansas from 1854-1859
The Liberator A born slave that had become an abolitionst
Frederick Douglass A born slave that had become an abolitionist
Sojourner Truth  An extreme abolitionist that murdered slavery supporters
Harriet Beecher Stowe Slavery was outlawed in the North, they wanted the same for the South
Sectionalism Cotton, sugar, rice, and tobacco
Why did the North and South lead to sectionalism? The movement to end slavery
Tariff of Abominations and the Nullification Crisis Favor to one's own part of a country instead of the country as a whole
Bleeding Kansas Slavery was being abolished, and this would destruct the South's economy and way of life
Kansas-Nebraska Act  Differing economies, differing opinions on the government, differing ways of life
John Brown Increased sectionalism in the country

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