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Know the definition of segregation? A runaway slave who documented the bad things in his life and became famous for it
Know what Frederick Douglass mainly did to help the abolition movement? They were passionate about religion , and they could personally relate to the Hebrews that were slaves
Know what life was like for the majority of free African-Americans in the North? They were property
What is the Underground Railroad  The north didn't want to enforce and the south believed it was not efficient enough
Know who Nat Turner is and what he is remembered for? Confederate states of america
Know what was religious life like for the slaves? Exodus
Which state upset the balance by wanting to join the Union as a slave state even though it was north of the dividing line established in the 1820 Compromise? A network of secret routes leading into free states
Know the main reasons that the Fugitive Slave Law was considered a failure and not effective Because they knew southern economy depended on slave labor
Why was the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin important and what was its impact on the North? He was against slavery
What was the result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and what did it lead to? It abolished the Missouri Compromise and it said newly added states could decide whether they would have slavery
What was the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dred Scott case? His goal was to use the weapons used for harming slaves to rebel
What did John Brown hope to achieve by his raid at Harpers Ferry? They lived under policies of segregation and were given low level jobs
Who did John Brown think sent him to Kansas and later to Harper’s Ferry? It increased the demand for slaves
Which event turned secession crisis into a civil war It showed people how bad slavery really was
What was the legal status of slaves in the United States? Nat Turner was a slave who rebelled against his master
Know why did Southerners who did not own slaves support slavery? South Carolina's shelling of fort Sumter
How did the cotton gin affect slaves Missouri
Know what Harriet Tubman’s work with the Underground Railroad involved? Battle of fort Sumter
Know how did Southern states respond to slave rebellions? By finding ways to quietly rebel
Know how did the “invisible church” or religion benefitted slaves? It provided a way for slaves to comfort eachother
Know which was the most common way slaves resisted slavery? They passed stricter slave codes
Know what was Abraham Lincoln’s stance toward slavery when he was elected President? God
Know the name of the new country the Southern states made when they seceded? They didn't let Scott free because he was considered property
How did the war begin (what is considered the first battle of the Civil War)? She helped organize the railroad
What is known as slaves’ favorite book in the Bible? Separate one race from other races

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