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Sofa   a piece of furniture with a flat top supported by legs
Cupboard   a cover made of cloth that is fixed above a bed, seat etc as a decoration or as a shelter
Table  the part of a chair, sofa etc that you rest your arms on
Blind a piece of furniture with doors, and sometimes shelves, used for storing clothes, plates, food etc
Arm a piece of furniture like a large box with a soft top, used as a seat, for resting your feet on when you are sitting, or for storing things
Suite   a piece of furniture or equipment used to hold or support something
Stand  a covering, especially one made of cloth, that can be rolled up and down to cover a window inside a building
Canopy   a comfortable seat with raised arms and a back, that is wide enough for two or three people to sit on
Dado   the lower part of a wall in a room, especially when it is decorated differently from the upper part of the wall
Ottoman   a set of matching furniture for a room

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