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Neo-Freudians (1B)

Trust vs. mistrust  First president of the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society
Autonomy vs. shame/doubt Proposed a psychosocial theory of development, suggesting that an individual’s personality develops throughout the lifespan
Initiative vs. guilt  Trust (or mistrust) that basic needs, such as nourishment and affection, will be met
Industry vs. inferiority  Child seeking positive attention and affection from parent; adult needing love
Identity vs. confusion  Establish intimacy and relationships with others
Intimacy vs. isolation  Pattern that exists in our collective unconscious across cultures and societies
Generativity vs. stagnation  Common psychological tendencies that have been passed down from one generation to the next
Integrity vs. despair  Develop self-confidence in abilities when competent or sense of inferiority when not
Moving toward people  Jung’s theory focusing on the balance of opposing forces within one’s personality and the significance of the collective unconscious
Moving against people  Contribute to society and be part of a family
Moving away from people  Sense of independence in many tasks develops
Alfred Adler  Experiment with and develop identity and roles
Inferiority complex Focused on the collective unconscious.
Individual psychology Child fighting or bullying other children; adult who is abrasive and verbally hurtful, or who exploits others
Analytical psychology This person's theories focused on the role of unconscious anxiety
Archetype Take initiative on some activities, may develop guilt when success not met or boundaries overstepped
Collective unconscious school of psychology proposed by Adler that focuses on our drive to compensate for feelings of inferiority
Individual psychology Refers to a person’s feelings that they lack worth and don’t measure up to others’ or to society’s standard.
Karen Horney   School of psychology proposed by Adler that focuses on our drive to compensate for feelings of inferiority
Carl Jung  Child withdrawn from the world and isolated; adult loner
Erik Erikson Assess and make sense of life and meaning of contributions

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