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Chapter 1

arbitration Small files stored on a computer that enable a Web site to "remember" information about a visitor.
bait and switch A Web site that uses safeguards to protect information from theft during transmission.
chain letter Groups formed by trade associations to address customer complaints.
class action suit A deceptive practice in which the retailer advertises a product that it has no intention of selling, hoping to persuade customers to buy a higher-priced product.
consumer Channels of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and related Web sites.
consumer action panels A process in which two parties try to resolve a dispute with the help of a third party.
consumer advocates All of the goods and services available for sale to the general public.
consumer affairs departments A lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of people who all have the same complaint.
cookies Physical objects that are produced for consumers.
deceptive advertising A message set by postal mail or email that instructs the recipient to send copies to a certain number of other people.
fraud Departments of businesses that communicate with customers about their rights and needs as consumers.
goods The uniqui nine-digit number used by the Social Security Administration to keep track of a person's earnings.
identity theft Decietful conduct designed to manipulate another person for gain.
marketplace Advertising that is likely to mislead consumers through false statements, omitted information, or other unfair means.
media Those who sell goods and services to consumers.
mediation A procedure in which a neutral person or panel listens to both sides of a dispute, weighs the evidence, and reaches a decision.
online profiling Remedy for a wrong or loss.
pyramid scheme A practice in which companies collect information about the Web sites a consumer visits, then use that information to predict what the consumer may buy in the future.
redress An illegal get-rich-quick plan. Each participant pays a sum of money to join, then recruits several other people. Thos people in turn pay a fee and recruit others,
retailers Actions that are performed for someone.
secure site People or organizations who work on behalf of consumers.
services The illegal use of an individual's personal information.
small claims court Someone who uses goods and services.
Social Security number A court of law in which disputes involving sums under a certain amount are resolved by a judge.

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