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Money, Money, Money, Idioms

Gale M. Howard

Pair the idioms on the left with their meaning on the right. Place the side by side on a piece of notebook paper.

almighty dollar phony, not genuine
as phony as a three-dollar bill  to give money to someone to stop them from doing their duty
at a premium to be born to wealth and comfort, to be born rich
bet your bottom dollar to have income equal to expenses
born with a silver spoon in your mouth  to stimulate someone to spend money quickly
bread and butter the final result, the main point
bring home the bacon  money when it is viewed as more important than anything else
cash and carry  very secure and dependable
cash in ones chips the line in a financial statement that shows net income or loss
cheapskate to pay money, to produce a necessary amount of money
chicken feed very poor
cold hard cash to return to good financial health
ante up more than one can afford
as poor as a church mouse to base one`s plans on a wrong guess
below par lower than average, below normal,
beyond ones means  more than average, above normal
bottom line one`s last dollar
break even to reach the lowest point
buy someone off  to bet all that one has on something because you are sure that you will win
cash in on something at a higher price than usual because of something special
caught short to make sure that all money is accounted for
chip in one's income, the source of someone's food
close fisted  to use all of one's money
control the purse strings to earn the family living, to earn a salary
burn a hole in one`s pocket at any expense of time or effort or money

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