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Unit 1: Topic 1: Being a Citizen

Teacher: Mrs Rennie Student: ...................

Unit 1 Glossary

1Bill _____to leave this country and move to another one.
2Cabinet _____the things that make a person who they are, the things that make us the same as or different from other people.
3Charity _____a system of government in which the people rule through the power to vote for their representatives.
4Coalition _____(1) an organisation set up to help a particular group or issue (2) the act of donating money or time to a cause.
5Constitutional monarchy _____a state benefit paid to unemployed people who meet certain conditions, such as being actively looking for work. It will gradually be replaced by a new benefit, Universal Credit, which has a wider scope and aims to replace several existing benefits.
6Democracy _____a person from another country who comes to this country to live.
7Devolution _____when particular political powers are given to a smaller subsection of the nation : for example, in the UK powers have been transferred to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
8Elections _____a system of government in which a king or queen is the head of state and an elected body makes the laws.
9Electoral register _____the list of names of people who have registered to vote.
10Emigrate _____a person who leaves this country to move to another one.
11Emigrant _____when two or more political parties join together to form a majority in Parliament because neither of them could do so by themselves.
12First-past-the-post _____a law that has been passed.
13Identity _____a committee of senior government ministers who are responsible for setting government policy.
14Jobseeker’s Allowance _____the formal system of voting.
15Immigrant _____the legal national minimum rate of pay for workers aged 25 and older.
16Living wage _____the voting system used in UK general elections. The candidate with the most votes in each constituency is elected to Parliament, and the party with the most Members of Parliament then forms a government. Due to the way this system works, the party that ends up forming a government does not necessarily receive a majority of the votes cast.

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