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Unit 1: Topic 7: The economic impact of personal financial choices

Teacher: Mrs Rennie Student: ...................

LIBF Unit 1 Topic 7 The economic impact of personal financial choices

1Bad debt  _____ the things that we would like to have, but which we do not need to stay alive, such as a car or a mobile phone.
2Capital  _____ the things that we require to survive, such as food, water, shelter, warmth and essential clothing.
3Credit  _____ an arrangement by which you obtain money now that you promise to pay back in the future. (Confusingly, however, a ‘credit balance’ on a current account means the amount of money that you actually have at a particular time.)
4Credit history  _____ debt that can never be paid off.
5Debt  _____ making decisions about using your money.
6Default  _____ someone who may not be able to repay a loan.
7Financial capability  _____ the total amount of money that someone owes at a particular point in time.
8Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  _____ the money with which a business starts or the original amount of debt taken out.
9High credit risk  _____ the situation in which a borrower is unable to repay a debt.
10Interdependency  _____ a short-term loan offered at a high interest rate that is designed to financially assist someone until they are next paid.
11Money management  _____ a person’s previous history of debt repayments.
12Needs  _____ the situation in which changes in one area affect changes in another area.
13Overdraft  _____ an agency that regulates financial firms and services.
14Payday loan  _____ the act of giving up something in order to have something else.
15Trade-off  _____ an individual’s ability to manage their money well.
16Wants  _____ a service provided by banks that allows a person to withdraw more money than they actually have in their bank account. The extra money is borrowed from the bank and must be repaid with interest.

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