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Unit 1: Topic 8: How inflation and interest rates impact on personal finance

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How inflation and interest rates impact on personal finance

1Annual equivalent rate (AER)  _____ the situation in which an asset or money decreases in value.
2Annual percentage rate (APR)  _____ the interest paid on savings after income tax has been taken off.
3Asset  _____ interest that is calculated on the principal plus the interest that has been charged or paid so far.
4Bank rate  _____ anything that a person owns that has a monetary value, such as a house, car, stereo, jewellery and so on.
5Basket of goods  _____ a savings account on which interest is paid tax-free and about which there are rules, including limits on how much money you can save.
6Compound interest  _____ how much money you can make on savings or investments, or how much money you get back (ie your profit) compared with the amount that you put in.
7Consumer Prices Index (CPI)  _____ the words used after percentage rates to mean ‘each year’.
8Cost of living  _____ interest that is calculated only on the principal (or what is left of it).
9Cost-push inflation  _____ the amount of interest that someone can earn on their savings tax-free in a tax year. ISA interest is always tax-free.
10Demand-pull inflation  _____ the representative items that a household buys over a period of time on which inflation calculations are based.
11Depreciation  _____ money that is paid to a person after they retire, paid either from the government or from personal savings, or a combination of both.
12Equivalent annual rate (EAR)  _____ a charge made or paid for the use of someone else’s money.
13Fixed rate  _____ the interest that would be charged on a sum borrowed over one full year; used to measure the interest rate on loans, mortgages and credit cards; the calculation includes the fees that lenders charge automatically on the product, so that it gives a clear picture of the cost.
14Gross interest  _____ the official interest rate as set by the Bank of England.
15Household  _____ the interest that would be charged on an overdraft if you were to borrow the money for a full year.
16Hyperinflation  _____ a government benefit that assists older people in paying for their heating bills.
17Individual savings account (ISA)  _____ all of the people living in a single residence.
18Inflation  _____ the interest paid on savings before income tax has been taken off.
19Interest  _____ the original amount of money put into something or taken as debt.
20Net interest  _____ one of the main measures of inflation, calculated monthly by measuring the average cost of a ‘basket’ of goods less major household expenditure, such as mortgages and council tax.
21Nominal interest rate  _____ an interest rate that follows Bank rate plus whatever charges the bank sets.
22Pension  _____ the amount that you need to spend to buy the goods and services necessary for living an average life.
23Per annum  _____ the amount of interest that you pay after taking inflation rates into account, eg if the interest rate is 5%, but prices have risen 10%, then the real interest rate is 5% (5% - 10%).
24Personal savings allowance  _____ the interest rate as stated before taking inflation into account.
25Principal (or capital)  _____ inflation that is driven by the numbers of people who want a particular item or service.
26Rate of return  _____ the increase in prices over time, as measured by how much a typical ‘basket’ of goods costs.
27Real interest  _____ very high inflation.
28Simple interest  _____ an interest rate that is set at a particular amount for a particular period of time and does not change for that period.
29Variable rate  _____ the interest rate that would be paid on a savings account if you were to leave the money in the account for a full year.
30Winter Fuel Payment  _____ inflation that is driven by higher costs of production.

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