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Unit 1: Topic 9: The impacts of economic cycles and demographic changes

Teacher: Mrs Rennie Student: ...................

LIBF Unit 1 Topic 9 The impacts of economic cycles and demographic changes

1Birth rate  _____ technically defined as two successive periods of economic decline; a situation in which the economy has experienced a downturn twice in a row, rather than the up-and-down movement of the usual economic cycle.
2Commuter belt  _____ movement of people between places, generally between towns or cities and countries.
3Demography  _____ the money paid by the government to people over retirement age.
4Economic cycle  _____ movement into one country from another country.
5Economic growth  _____ statistics that tell us something about the economy, eg interest rates or unemployment rates.
6Economic indicators  _____ the total value of goods and services made in a country in a particular year.
7Emigration  _____ the regular up-and-down movement of the economy.
8Gross domestic product (GDP)  _____ the growth of cities as people move to them.
9Immigration  _____ the point at which a person can stop work and claim a pension from the government (if at State Pension age) or their employer.
10Indigenous population  _____ the numbers of children born in a year, compared to the population total.
11Internal migration  _____ movement out of one country to another country.
12Life expectancy  _____ movement between cities or towns within a country.
13Migration  _____ those people who are born in a country, also known as its ‘native population’.
14Niche market  _____ the study of the structure of a human population.
15Recession  _____ a compulsory savings programme in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
16Retirement  _____ a small section of the total market that focuses on a very specific section of the population, eg a holiday company that caters only to those over the age of 65.
17State Pension  _____ an area just outside a city, in which people live and from which they travel into the city to work each day.
18Superannuation  _____ how many years the average person is expected to live.
19Urbanisation  _____ a situation in which the economy is expanding, as measured by increasing national income, low interest rates and low unemployment.

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