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Unit 1: Topic 10: Foreign exchange rates and trade

Teacher: Mrs Rennie Student: ...................

LIBF Unit 1: Topic 10: Foreign exchange rates and trade

1Bureau de change  _____ the money used in a particular country.
2Commission  _____ a business that deals in currency exchange.
3Currency  _____ changing one currency for another; buying and selling foreign currency.
4Currency broker  _____ the price of exchanging one kind of currency into another.
5Currency exchange  _____ the situation in which the value of something goes down.
6Devaluation  _____ goods or services that are bought abroad and brought into a country.
7Exports  _____ an amount charged by currency exchange services as a flat fee for the service of buying or selling foreign currencies.
8Foreign currency  _____ a person or business who deals in all kinds of currency exchange.
9Foreign exchange rate  _____ goods or services that are sold outside a country.
10Imports  _____ the money used in a country other than your own.

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