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Unit 1: Topic 11: The personal life cycle

Teacher: Mrs Rennie Student: ...................

LIBF Unit 1: Topic 11: The personal life cycle

1Consequences  _____ the outcome or result of a given event or action.
2Dependant  _____ a system in which you regularly pay a company a particular amount of money, in return for which the company agrees to provide compensation for any loss or damage of possessions or property, or expenses as a result of illness or death.
3Expenditure  _____ a characteristic describing someone who prefers not to take risks.
4Flat pay structure  _____ a child or other person who is financially dependent on you.
5Income  _____ a situation involving a threat or danger.
6Insurance  _____ the likelihood of an event happening.
7Life cycle  _____ a career in which the worker is usually a graduate (ie has a university degree) or has been trained for the job, and for which they are usually paid a monthly salary.
8Life expectancy  _____ income that does not increase by very much over time and which can remain relatively stable.
9Non-professional career  _____ money that you receive.
10Premium  _____ a career in which the worker is usually paid hourly wages and for which they may not require any specific training.
11Probability  _____ the loss of a job when it is removed from the employment structure of an organisation.
12Professional career  _____ the average number of years for which a person is expected to live.
13Redundancy  _____ the age stages through which people pass.
14Risk  _____ a sum of money paid to an insurance company, usually monthly, so that the company will provide financial cover if a risk happens.
15Risk-averse  _____ money that you spend.

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