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Melanie Yalcinkaya

Career move An action you take to progress in your career
Career break Opinion in response to someone or something
Career plan Feelings of worry, pressure, or anger
Career opportunities A period of time away from your job to, for example, look after your children
Career path A time or date by which you have to do something
Career ladder Chances to start/improve your career
Lifestyle Ideas you have for your future career.
Workaholic A person you work with
Deadline The ability to give a good amount of time to your work and to outside interests, e.g. family
Flexitime The direction your working life takes
Work-life balance Someone who cannot stop working and has no time for anything else
Quality of life Annoyed and disappointed
Working environment To clear up a problem
Workload How personally satisfied you are with the way you live and work
Tensions The way people choose to organize their lives
Hesitate Working together
Frustrated A system where employees choose the time they start and finish work each day
Feedback A series of levels or steps in your working life
Figure someone out The amount of work a person is expected to do
Collaboration The people, things and atmosphere around you at work
Colleague Think about
To consider Way of acting
Behavior Understand someone
To resolve To pause

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