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Ecology Vocabulary


coal  electricity of water moving over a water or dam
hydrocarbon an energy-rich substance like coal or oil that was formed from the remains of organisms that lived millions of years ago; non renewable energy resource
petroleum  a natural resource that is not replaced as it is used because it forms much more slowly than the rate at which the resource is consumed.
smog  rain, sleet or snow that contains significant levels of acids produced by air pollutants
acid precipitation  a solid fossil fuel formed from the remains of ancient swamp plants
natural gas  energy obtained from the sun
energy resources  heat energy in Earth’s interior from water or steam that has been heated by magma
natural resource  the heat energy produced by the process of nuclear fission within a nuclear reactor or by radioactive decay
Hydroelectric Power a resource that is naturally replaced in a relatively short time & replaced at the same rate at which it is consumed.
Insulation a fossil fuel that is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons; aka oil
Nonrenewable Resources natural resources that people use to produce energy, such as heat, electricity & transportation fuel
Energy Conservation a fossil fuel that is a gaseous mixture of hydrocarbons
Solar Energy building material that blocks heat transfer between the air inside and outside
Nuclear Energy a compound that contains the elements carbon, hydrogen & oxygen
Renewable Resources a brownish photochemical haze that forms in the atmosphere when sunlight reacts with air pollutants
Geothermal Energy any natural material that is used by humans (such as water, petroleum, minerals, forests, animals & soil)
Fossil Fuel the practice of reducing energy use

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