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Our Solar System

Study words relating to our Solar System

1Atmosphere _____a person who goes into space
2constellation _____the thin layer of gas that surround a planet or star
3star _____an event when our view of the sun is blocked by the moon
4rocket _____the huge space that contains everything
5solar eclipse  _____a big ball of burning gas
6orbit _____a picture we create with a group of stars
7asteroid _____a machine used to get objects into space
8comet _____a device used to see far away and study the cosmos
9universe _____a big ball of ice and dirt that orbit the sun.
10meteorite _____a building where astronomer study the stars
11revolve _____a piece of rock that has landed on a planet
12satellite _____a collect of stars that form a shape and revolve a central location
13astronaut _____a irregular shaped rocky object in space
14telescope _____to move in a orbit
15galaxy _____the path created by an object as it goes around another object
16observatory _____an object that moves around a larger object

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