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Toxins - Test 1 SciFOM

Andrew O

all toxins mentioned in lecture power-points.

1Alpha-Amanitan _____blocks NADH-Q oxidoreductase
2Actinomycin D _____block the proton pore of the ATPase
3Rifampicin _____Death Cap, RNA polymerases 2&3, microfilament stabilized, gastric lavage
4Tetracyclines _____blocks the passage of electrons through the cytochrome b-c1 complex
5Chloramphenicol _____intercalates and stops transcription elongation
6Erythromycin _____inhibits peptidyl transferase activity of 50S subunit
7Diptheria _____combine with cytochrome oxidase and blocks the transfer of electrons to oxygen
8NSAIDs _____inhibits bacterial RNA polymerase
9Montelukast _____sodium channel blocker created by some fish/amphibians
10Tetrodotoxin _____DNA replication inhibitor, nucleotide lacking 3' OH group
11Saxitoxin _____DNA replication inhibitor, intercalating agent
12Dideoxynucleotides _____binds to 50S subunit and inhibits translocation
13Ethidium _____inhibits ANT
14AZT _____DNA replication inhibitor, HIV reverse transcriptase, thymine lacking 3' OH group
15Nalidixic acid and Cipro _____inhibits formation of proxaglandins and thromboxanes
16Daunorubicin, Etoposide _____inhibits bacterial DNA gyrases
175-fluorouracil _____modifies side-chain of ribosome (EF2), blocking translocation of growing peptide chain
18Rotenone _____inhibits thymidylate synthase needed for synthesis of dTMP (anti-cancer)
19Antimycins _____block the proton pore of the ATPase
20Cyanide/CO poisoning _____inhibits luekotriene formation
21Bonkrekic Acid _____inhibits topoisomerase 2 (anti-cancer)
22Dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCCD) _____bind to 30S subunit and inhibit binding of aminoacyltRNAs
23Oligomycin _____sodium channel blocker created by dinoflagellate of clams/mussels

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