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Terms for non-fiction analysis

Match the terms (on the left) with the definitions (on the right)

imagery An impersonal text written by students and scholars in response to a specific question. Its aim is to discuss this question with reference to evidence and logic
concrete words  Figurative language (symbols, metaphors and similes)
metaphor This term is used when the writer appeals to the reader's sense of logic
abstract words What the writer wants to do with the text, e.g., persuade, state an opinion, inform, instruct or entertain
target group This is the term to use when something or somebody is spoken of as if it were something else (e.g.,"Life is a journey").
simile  This term is used when the writer appeals to the reader's feelings
composition/structure The (negative, positive or neutral) associations, emotions and attitudes of a given word
the subject of the text The way the text has been written (vocabulary, syntax, use of imagery, tone etc.)
the aim of the text Words that refer to things you can see, hear, taste, touch, and/or smell (e.g., lion, girl, house and carrot)
connotations An assertion seemingly opposed to common sense but which may yet have some truth in it
style  Repetition of the same sound beginning several words in sequence (e.g., Bugs Bunny beats the blues)
symbol The intended reader
pathos  What the text is essentially about, e.g., war or crime
logos The selection and organization of the material (i.e., the events, descriptive passages etc.) that makes up the text
ethos An object, a person or an event which is actually physically present in the text but also represents something more abstract
personal/literary essay A text in which the writer treats and discusses a subject in a subjective way, often referring to personal anecdotes and the like
paradox A comparison using either "as" or "like" as the link (e.g., Luke fights like a lion)
alliteration Words that have no physical references (e.g., success, freedom, happiness)
academic/analytical essay This term is used when the writer attempts to underline his own credibility in relation to the subject-matter

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