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Voc. Quiz #2 Americas English

1Olmecs _____This civilization settled in MesoAmerica
2Maya _____Our physical surroundings
3Toltecs _____The first civilization in the Americas--bullt large stone heads
4Moche _____Capital city of the Inca empire in South America
5Inca _____Mexican civilization built pyramid of the sun 230-foot high
6Glacier _____South American civilization good with pottery
7Monopoly _____This civilization established city of Tula--great artisans-
8Beringia _____Large sheets of ice
9Mesoamerica _____They settle in the Andes mountains built Machu Pichu
10Teotihuacan _____Land bridge where first people crossed to North America
11Cuzco _____when a group, business or person has control of buying and selling a product or idea
12Environment _____The middle of America--Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belize

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