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Voc. List #3 Americas

1Petén _____the place where something begins
2Tenochtitlan _____device used by the Inca to keep their records
3Machu Picchu _____Capital city of the Inca
4sinkhole _____built on the Andes Mountains--one of hundreds of Inca cities--
5alliance _____to work together to get something done
6codices _____Middle of America: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico
7quipu _____region where the Maya built the city of Tikal in Guatemala
8source _____ancient Maya and Aztec books
9cooperate _____an agreement between people or countries
10previous _____to occur earlier or in the past
11Mesoamerica _____water well in the rainforest, place on the ground where the earth has caved in
12Cuzco _____Ancient capital city of the Aztecs

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