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AB Psych


AB Psych Definitions

1Historical Perspectives on Abnormal Behavior _____forebrain; body temp, emotion, motivation
2Biological Perspective  _____hind brain; body movements, attention, sleep, breathing
3Psychological perspective  _____research question, hypothesis, test hypothesis, draw conclusions
4Sociocutural perspective _____behaviors are a result of past; possibly related to conflicts related to unresolved experiences
5Biopsychosocial Perspective _____part of dendrite on a receiving neuron that is structured to receive a neurotransmitter
6Scientific Research method _____brain structure involved in; attention, sleep, arousal
7Naturalistic observation research method _____forebrain; two cerebral hemisphere
8Correlational Research Method  _____junction between one neuron and another on which nerve impulses pass
9Dendrites _____collecting data based on observations of behavior in a natural setting
10Axon _____combines all three
11terminals _____forebrain; relays sensory info to the cortex, related to attention and sleep
12neurotransmitters _____root like structures at the ends of neurons that RECEIVE nerve impulses from other neurons
13synapse _____examining relationships between variables or factors in statistical terms
14receptor site _____forebrain; coordinating motor movement processes, regulating postural movements, coordination
15Medulla _____long thin part of a neuron along which nerve impulses travel
16pons _____hindbrain; coordination, balance
17cerebellum _____Biological defects or abnormalities of the brain
18reticular Activating System _____behaviors are rooted in the failures of society; unemployment, poverty, injustice
19thalamus _____small branching structures at the tips of axons
20hypothalamus _____wrinkled area of cerebrum responsible for processing sensory stiluli and controlling higher mental functions such as thinking and the use of languange
21Limbic system _____aims to discover effect on relationships by manipulating independent variables and observing effects
22Basal Ganglia _____type of correlational study of individuals and behaviors over a lengthy period of time
23cerebrum _____chemical substances that transmit messages from one neuron to another
24Cerebral cortex _____Demonological Model and Trephination
25Longitudinal study research method _____hindbrain; involved in regulation of heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure
26Expermintal Research Method _____forebrain; emotional processing, memory, hunger, thirst, aggression

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