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Emotional Intelligence Part 2

Name __________ Per ___


A. Integrity  Working collaboratively with in a group to a goal
B. Interpersonal Relations  Values or behaviors that contribute to an organization
C. Leadership The ability to influence a system or environment
D. Leverage  When two or more entities work together in harmony.
E. Marketing  A feeling of trust in one's abilities
F. Maturity Controlling one's own emotions or impulses
G. Motivation When both sides disagree, rusal to budge
H. Negotiation  Component of a person's behavior
I. Office Politics  Ability to prioritize and use one's time wisely
J. Organizational Culture  Mental, emotional or physical strain felt by an individual
K. Personality  A sense of personal worth over their own emotions
L. Persuade  Leading a group of people or organization
M. Privacy  Right to be free from surveillance/right to reveal info
N. Punctuality  How a person is views who they are as a person
O. Rectified  Stable, consistent characteristics a person exhibits
P. Self Awareness  A fight or argument to decide who controls an area
Q. Self Confidence  Cause someone to do something
R. Self Control  To seek to obtain by persuasion or formal application
S. Self Esteem  Providing goods and services to customers
T. Self Perception Use of power within an organization in order to achieve goals
U. Self Regulation Ability to perceive one own personality or emotions
V. Social Skills To make correct
W. Solicit  Arrive on time
X. Stalemate  Adhere to moral and ethical principles
Y. Stereotype  Bargaining (give/take) between two parties
Z. Stress  Belief about specific groups or types of individuals
AA. Sympathy Friendships, relations between people
BB. Synergy  Restraining one's actions
CC.. Teamwork  Factors that make a person take action
DD. Time Management  Ability to image how a business could develop
EE. Trait  Feeling of compassion, sorrow or pity for another
FF. Turf War  Taking responsibility for one's actions
GG. Vision Being able to interact with others

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