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1st Quarter Geograpghy

Suzanne Pearce

Match states and capitals and abbreviations.

1Augusta  _____NJ
2Maine _____GA
3Concord _____IA
4New Hampshire _____Tennessee
5Boston _____Vermont
6Massachusetts _____Arkansas
7Providence _____VA
8Rhode Island  _____AR
9Hartford _____Missouri
10Connecticut _____Michigan
11Montpelier _____SC
12Vermont  _____Maine
13Albany _____RI
14New York  _____IL
15Trenton _____New Jersey
16New Jersey _____FL
17Harrisburg _____Indian
18Pennsylvania _____Ohio
19Dover _____Pennsylvania
20Delaware _____Delaware
21Annapolis _____Mississippi
22Maryland  _____MS
23Richmond _____MA
24Virginia _____Connecticut
25Charleston _____Maryland
26West Virginia _____New Hampshire
27Raleigh _____Louisiana
28North Carolina _____Alabama
29Columbia _____Virginia
30South Carolina _____NH
31Atlanta _____MI
32Georgia _____VT
33Tallahassee _____DE
34Florida  _____NC
35Montgomery _____MO
36Alabama _____KY
37Jackson _____Wisconsin
38Mississippi _____ME
39Baton Raton _____Massachusetts
40Louisana _____Florida
41Lansing _____IN
42Michigan _____TN
43Columbus _____WV
44Ohio _____OH
45Indianpolis _____CT
46Indian _____LA
47Frankfort _____Illinois
48Kentucky _____West Virginia
49Nashville  _____New York
50Tennessee _____Georgia
51Madison _____MD
52Wisconsin _____Kentucky
53Springfield  _____PA
54Illinois _____WI
55Des Moines  _____AL
56Iowa  _____NY
57Jefferson City  _____Rhode Island
58Missouri _____South Carolina
59Little Rock  _____North Carolina
60Arkansas _____Iowa

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