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Recognition Features of Vertebrates

Gurleen Saroya

Apart from fish, all chordate vertebrates are tetrapods with pentadactyl limbs (some were lost or modified via evolution)

Bony Ray Finned Fish Feathers growing from skin
Bony Ray Finned Fish Teeth of different types
Bony Ray Finned Fish Mammary glands secrete milk
Bony Ray Finned Fish Hairs growing from the skin
Bony Ray Finned Fish Larval stage lives in water
Amphibians External fertilization in water
Amphibians Scales grow from the skin
Amphibians Give birth to live young
Amphibians Swim bladde for buyoancy
Amphibians Internal fertilization
Reptiles Fins supported by rays
Reptiles Lungs w extensive folding
Reptiles Dry scaly impermeable skin
Reptiles One type of teeeth
Reptiles External Fertilization
Birds Lungs with alveoli
Birds Hard shells around the eggs
Birds Protective gel around eggs
Birds Wings instead of front legs
Birds Lungs with parabronchial tubes
Mammals Lungs with small intestinal folds
Mammals Soft moist permeable skin
Mammals Beak but no teeth
Mammals Soft shells around eggs
Mammals Gills with a single gill slit

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