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Terms & Definitions Matching Game

Suzanne Uren

Primary Sector Transforming those raw products into finished or part finished goods
Secondary Sector The money spent by a business on materials for manufacturing or reselling
Tertiary Sector When one business sells to an individual ie a retailer sells its products and services to a customer directly
Manufacturing Providing services to individuals and businesses (also known as the Service Sector)
Retailing Extracting, growing or converting Raw Products or Materials
B2B (Business to Business) The amount left over from Revenue when the Cost of Sales is deducted
B2C (Business to Customer) Selling things in small quantities (link to providing services and products)
Turnover or Total Revenue The amount left when the operating expenses are deducted from the gross profit figure. Also known as ‘profit before tax’
Gross Profit Money owed to someone else or an organisation
Net Profit Owned by the government and local authorities with the purpose of providing a service
Credit When one business sells to another business ie a manufacturer sells to a wholesaler or wholesaler to retailer
Debt Making things (links to Raw Products and Materials)
Private Sector (Ltd, Plc, Sole Trader)  The amount of money going into a business
Public Sector An agreement which allows suppliers and customers to obtain goods, without immediate payment, but are expected to make payment within a fixed period of time
Voluntary Organisations and Charities Business who operate with the sole purpose of making a profit for its owners or shareholders
Cost of Sales An organisation or business who is not interested in making a profit but making money to benefit the cause

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