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 Which of the following is the definition of “environment” provided by the author of your book? That they were masters of water management and may have served as organizational centers for seasonal operations
What is the function of humans with regard to the limits set by nature according to your readings? 1500 miles between Shortugai and Daimabad
What is the relationship between ecological changes and the stages of development in humans? RICE
What type of environment did Stone Age hunter-gathers prefer? Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa Harappa: situated near the borderline between agriculture and the pastoral zone so it was a gateway city on which the trade routes coming from the north converged
Why were the early cultivators attracted to lighter soils? preferred to live on the edge of forests near the plains or in open river valleys, areas which were less attractive to the settled peasant who cut the trees and reclaimed fertile soil.
Which grain is most demanding? That is a world alive and related to a living centre, the habitat of an animal, the hunting grounds and pastures of nomads, the fields of settled peasants.
Where did one great civilization develop in India based on growing grain? Udaipur and Jaipur, the valley of the Narmada river, the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, the country between the rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra (Raichur Doab), the area of the east coast where the highlands are nearest to the sea (to the north of present Madras), the rim of the Chota Nagpur Plateau and both slopes of the mountain ranges of central India
When did grain cultivation begin in South Asia? The Yamuna river flows parallel with the Ganga but it used to flow through the Ghaggar valley. Upheaval in the foothills of the Himalayas caused it to change course
.     In Baluchistan the early settlers experimented with what? Ecological conditions which may appear hostile to man at one stage of his evolution may prove to be attractive and inviting at another stage.
In Baluchistan stone walls were built. What was their function? The early cultivators were attracted to lighter soils it did not need sturdy plough and draught animals to cope with the soil. soil was easily manageable without the use of animals
How do we know that rainfall increased around 3000 BCE?  Palaeobotanical research indicates the rainfall increase
What does the Mohenjo Daro system of water supply and sewerage tell us? Cultivating alluvial (fine grain soils)  lands on small scale in the Valleys of Baluchistain
Which area was known for being important to trade? Retained the sediments of the annual inundation (flood). Archaeologists first thought they were walls for dams built for irrigation but the holes in the walls proved to hold in soil not water.
When did the climate along the Indus become dryer? The drying up of the Ghaggar and blocking of the lower Indus
.  What changes took place for the Yamuna River in ancient times according to your readings? 7000 BC  a time of increasing rainfall
What was the possible cause for the submerging of Mahenjo Daro? Maritime trade brought African millets
.  What is one theory mentioned in your book for the demise of the Indus civilization? Nature sets limits; man transgresses them with his told and his vision. Man progressively creates a specific environment and makes history. It is not only the limits set by nature, which are transgressed but also the limits of human experience and cognition.
In what other area of the sub-continent did the Indus valley civilization take hold? The Kathiawar peninsula of Gujarat
How did Rojdi get its millet for cultivation? Northward thrust of the subcontinental shelf which causes tectonic movements of the Himalayas tectonic upheavals at the mouth of the Indus river may have produced a large lake submerging Mohenjo-Daro.
How wide spread was the Indus Valley civilization? 1700 BC

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