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Routes of Transmission of Disease


Match up the descriptions of how infectious diseases spread to the name given to that route.

Faeco-oral Infection is caused by agents already present in the body
Endogenous infectious Result of contamination of fomites e.g. door handles, toys
Direct person to person E.g. STIs, skin to skin contact, body fluid contact, droplet spread
Air-borne spread Disease spread from an arthropod vector infecting a susceptible host
Vector-borne disease Injections with used needles; animal bites, accidental inoculation
Indirect person to person spread Infectious agents from faeces of the host are passed on via another person's mouth
Direct inoculation Person gets the infection from inhaling infectious agents into the body which remain suspended in the air for prolonged periods of time
Consumption of infected material E.g. salmonella in eggs or chicken; brucellosis in unpasteurised milk

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