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Art History Exam

Lottie Reyes

People and Eras of Art Hisotry

Gauguin 400-1400
Degas Romantic
Van Gogh Baroque
Hals  Modern
Turner Realism
Warhol 1800-1900
Goya  Impressionsim
Manet Post-Impressionsism
Courbet 1865
Da Vinici 1880
Bernini Modern
Dali Renaissance
Remembrandt Romantic
Seurat Post MOdern
Monet Renaissance
David  BAroque
Manet Classical
Daumier Renaissance
Picasso Post-Modern
Arp Impressionsim
Ingres Classical
Pollock Modern
Cole Realism
Poussin Post-Modern
Riley Baroque
Botticelli 1900-1950
Early Medieval Post-Impressionism
The MIddle Ages Impressionism
Post-Impressionsism 400-1000
Romanesque Period 1500-1400
Gothic Period Romantic
Realism Realism
Impressionsism 1880
Baroque 1600-1750
Romantic  Post Impressionsism
Mosern Art 1860
Post-Impressionism 1000-1150

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