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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Terms

Rabbi Michelle "Mina" Goldsmith

List of words in Hebrew and Yiddish related to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

Please write the number of the word which matches the correct definition.

1simchah _____The morning blessings.
2chumash _____Person who works with Bar/Bat Mitzvah child to help learn material.
3yad _____A selection from one of the books of the Prophets.
4tzitzit _____Raised podium where the "action" takes place in the sanctuary.
5gabbaim _____The honor of being called up to say the blessing before the Torah reading.
6maftir _____The people who call others to the Torah and correct the Torah reader.
7bimah _____Prayer on behalf of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child.
8mi sh'berach l'holim _____The fringes on the four corners of the tallit.
9mi sh'berach l'Bar/Bat Mitzvah _____Celebratory meal after a wedding, brit milah, Bar Mitzvah, etc.
10petichah _____The ritual objects containing quotations from the Torah that are worn on the arm and head.
11gelilah _____Prayer on behalf of a sick individual.
12hagbah _____The name of the morning service which has the Shema and Amidah as part of it.
13aliyah _____Prayer shawl adult Jews wear during prayer.
14musaf _____A joyous event.
15haftarah _____Opening the ark.
16tefillin _____Teacher.
17tallit _____Pointer used to read the Torah.
18shul _____Yiddish word for joy and pride in someone/something.
19naches _____The last person called up to the Torah is called the....
20se'udat mitzvah _____The lifting of the Torah after it is read.
21morah or moreh _____Written volume containing Five Books of Moses and the haftaroth.
22aron Ha-Kodesh _____Yiddish word for synagogue (though it literally means school).
23siddur _____Holy Ark (houses the Torah scrolls).
24tutor _____The wrapping of the Torah after it is read.
25shaharit _____The "additional" prayer in traditional liturgy recalling the ancient sacrificial service.
26birkhot ha-shahar _____Prayerbook.

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